Hydraulic Sales  

Hydrostatic Services sales staff has more than100 years of combined hydraulic sales experience
Helping their customers identify and purchasing the correct component for their needs

We Stock:  
Hydraulic gear pumps, Hydraulic vane pumps, Hydraulic piston pumps, Hydraulic gear motors, Hydraulic vane motors, Hydraulic piston motors, Hydraulic geroter motors, Hydraulic modular valves, Hydraulic directional control valves, Hydraulic cylinders (welded, tie rod, telescopic), Hydraulic relief valves, Hydraulic joysticks and Electrical joysticks, Hydraulic pressure and temperature gauges, Hydraulic solenoid valves, Hydraulic power units (ac and dc), Hydraulic filters (hydraulic, engine lube, air and fuel), Hydraulic pressure and temperature switches, Hydraulic seals, Hydraulic pump drives

Hydraulic hoses (up to 2 inch 6 wire), Suction hoses, Air conditioning hoses, Power steering hoses, Pressure wash hoses, Twin line hoses, Thermoplastic hoses, Stainless steel Teflon hoses, Hydraulic fittings and adaptors (jic, orb, npt, bsp, ors, orf, and metric) over 4800 line items, Quick couplers, Live swivels, Test couplers, Brass fittings

Pneumatic cylinders, Pneumatic valves, Pneumatic tubing, Pneumatic fittings and adaptors, Pneumatic gauges, Pneumatic filters, Pneumatic lubricators, Pneumatic regulators

Honed hydraulic cylinder tubing, Mechanical tubing, Steel line tubing, Aluminum tubing, Ductile iron, Rotocast bronze, Aluminum bronze, Induction chrome shafting

Bearings, Hardened steel bushings, Spherical ball bushings, D U bushings, Bronze bushings, Splined billets (hardened and soft), Splined shafts (hardened and soft), Snap rings (internal, external, spiral), Cap screws, Springs, Cotter pins, Dowell pins, Split pins, Spiral pins

Skidder parts, Manual transmission parts, Differential parts, Planetary parts, Winch parts and cables, Driveline components, Pins and bushings, Electrical switches, Panel gauges, Drive Clutches

Large Inventory of original and aftermarket Timberjack Parts:
Part #: 262-4674-100 to 700467200, 700467300 to 700583300, 700583400 to 76330000 , 76470000 to 810334100, 810336600 to 810745900, 810750300 to 811027100, 811027400 to 811328200, 811328700 to 811820100, 811820300 to 820023400, 820023500 to 823920500, 823920800 to 825910700, 825912500 to 827047700, 827047800 to 840029100, 840029800 to 840358900, 840360500 to 840653700, 840653800 to 840855300, 840856100 to 841295500, 841295800 to 841623400, 841625800 to 841865200, 841866600 to 842141800, 842142000 to 842345500, 842345800 to 842565900, 842566200 to 842656500, 842656600 to 842801300, 842801900 to 842991700, 842991900 to 847043800, 847059200 to F002726, F002734 to F011096, F011114 to F026150, F026151 to F278902, F278903 to F7007544.