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  Hydraulic Repair  

Use case harden pins and bushings
If you have to replace your pins and bushings make sure your supplier or machine shop uses case hardened materials for both components

If you use a soft material dust and dirt will embed into it, now this soft material will have fine particles like sand paper in it, thus wearing out the harder material

Example -- Have you ever seen a worn hydraulic pump shaft and had wondered how could a rubber shaft seal wear a groove in a steel shaft

Using case hardened material for both components reduces this problem for your pins

Note – most pins have some type of locking mechanism to keep them from turning            maintain this locking device (split pin, etc.) so that when the pin turns it only turns in the (greased) bushing,

At Hydrostatic Services we can custom make your case hardened pins and bushings from a large inventory of sizes

Heat in your hydraulic system
An overheating hydraulic system is a cause for concern.
Heat is generated mostly in a hydraulic system when high pressure oil drops to low pressure.
The higher the pressure drop the greater the heat generated.
The higher the volume of oil dropped the greater the heat generated.

Have you ever had your hydraulic repair technician arrive on a service call to find out it was only a blown o ring on a relief cartridge.  $$$

Your tool box should contain an infrared thermometer.

It may help you in locating that weak or bad relief valve or diagnosing other failing component in your hydraulic system.


Your filtration micron (beta ratio) rating is more important than ever before. 

Hydraulic oil contaminants are your enemy

A free contaminant (bad) is a happy contaminant.
Trap them with your filtration, not between your expensive hydraulic components.
Proper filtration greatly decreases down time.
You can never remove all the particles that hydraulic components generate.
But you can minimize how rapidly it destroys its components. 

Today’s hydraulic components are working at higher pressures so that manufacturers of hydraulic pumps and components can make them physically smaller. 

Higher pressure means that there is smaller clearance of oil film between moving parts whereas a smaller particle of contaminant can become trapped. 

Today’s equipment manufacturers are trying to reduce cost to become more competitive

They do not always keep up with the needed filtration for prolonged life of components e.g. (after warranty). 

Note—a lower (better) beta ratio of a filter also means that a filter has to be larger size (more $$$) to reduce back pressure (wasted horse power) from the flow of hydraulic oil (wasted horse power, wasted. $$$). 

At Hydrostatic Services our sales staff and technicians can help you determine if adequate filtration is on your equipment. 

Bearings do have a rated life
Don’t let the bearings in your hydraulic system destroy your components.

Our technicians at Hydrostatic Services do consider bearing life when repairing your components.